Furniture: Function meets form

Symbiosis of comfort and design

Excellent, tailormade precision and profile steel tubes allow the complex linking of form and function. Jansen Steel Tubes fulfills individual customer requirements, from tight tolerances and high-quality surfaces to tubes suitable for chromium plating with homogeneous reflection characteristics. High dimensional and geometric accuracy as well as perfect surface smoothness meet the high aesthetic demands.

Lifting columns

With the help of lifting columns it is possible to comfortably adjust the height of furniture, thereby adjusting it to personal ergonomic requirements. The use in telescopic applications calls for steel tubes that satisfy special requirements, because stepless and silent lifting and lowering of hospital beds or office desks can only be achieved with minimal production tolerances, different wall thicknesses and consistent surface treatment. Jansen Steel Tubes produces tubes that fulfil these requirements.

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Tubes for chromium plating

These tubes by Jansen Steel Tubes are suitable for chromium plating and, with their high-quality surface, provide functional added value. This makes subsequent chromium plating possible, which renders the tube more resistant to environmental effects and hence increases its service life. And of course, the enhanced shiny surface is very aesthetically attractive, making the tube suitable for furniture.

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